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You can reach out to us at hello@valyu.ai to learn more about us.

Valyu AI is a homegrown Indian fintech startup that works in the space of employee benefits and neo banking. Founded in the middle of the 2020, Valyu AI was conceptualised at a time when many organisations are looking to redefine and revolutanise their approach to employee financial wellness.

We aim to build products that solve deep and urgent problems employees face when it comes to their personal finances.

Our team comprises of experts in the field of finance, banking, customer service, tech & human resources. We strive to deliver value to our customers and clients with compassion,competence & ethics.

Advance Salary is our first line of products that we offer to organisations and their employees. The product enables employees to access their accrued salary for the current month ahead of their pay day. Employees can withdraw a portion of their earned incomes whenever and for whatever reason. All this is done at a nominal charge.

Valyu AI works in partnership with NBFCs to provide advances, who work under the RBI guidelines & compliances. Furthermore, The partnership with the organisations enables us offer the best interest rates in a secure and accessible manner.

Any organisation has the potential to partner with Valyu AI to enhance & enrich their employee benefits program. We have a wonderful team of experts to help your create & setup a unique offering just for your organisation.

You can reach us at hello@valyu.ai to know more about our services & products.

If you are an individual who is keen on availing our services, you can help us get connected with your employer. We’d be happy to take up this important conversation with them.

Valyu AI strongly believes in the power of partnership. If you are an NBFC, a fintech, a reseller or an independent consultant who feels Valyu AI’s proposition resonates with yours, we’d love to talk.

Reach out to us at hello@valyu.ai

If your organisation has a tie up with Valyu AI, you can visit the unique link or download our app to sign into your account.

You can login using your registered phone number. Do keep your phone handy as we verify your login by sending you a one-time passcode.

Once you’re in our app, you will be able to see your salary which is available for withdrawal. You can visit the ‘Advance central’ where within a few clicks you can submit your advance application.

Based on your company guidelines, your will receive your money instantly or within a few hours.

The very first time you login, as a standard industry process we ask all users to complete their eKYC. Thanks to our technology partners and our tie up with your organisation we have managed to make this process not only paperless but also easy & quick.

All you need to do is keep handy your ID cards and take a selfie, the rest is on us.

Great question. Your eligibility is defined by your organisation’s policy.

Each organisation has their own policy when it comes to defining the eligibility and terms of taking advance salary.

At Valyu AI we appreciate & respect this uniqueness and enable the organisation to define their policy on our platform.

Thanks to your organisation, repayment is a breeze. Since your organisation chose to tie up with Valyu AI. Part of the service is repayment via payroll deduction.

Hence, you do not have to worry about the how & the when of repayment. As for the how much, you already know we’re offering the best rates to you.

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