Your Salary + Valyu
= Freedom of choice

Unplanned expenditures, smart savings, celebrations, emergencies all require flexibility in your finances. With Valyu’s Advance Salary you have the freedom to choose how & when to use your money.
Valyu products are easy to access, secure & put you first. The best part is we’re partnered with your organisation to ensure the best experience for you.

Who we are

Valyu, your personal finance manager

Valyu is a homegrown fintech that aims at building a brighter future for the Indian
Youth. We do so by introducing carefully tailored financial products to boost financial wellness.
We aim to do so by:
1 st

Build literacy around better personal finance practices

2 nd

Building apps that help boost the employee benefits programs

3 rd

Be change agents in the larger scheme of economic growth through positive influence

Seamless onboarding

All you need is your registered mobile number & you're ready to go

Paperless applications

No long drawn processes or hand written applications. We use the latest tech to make your application process a breeze

Personalised Experience

We work closely with you to constantly understand your needs and aim to make our offerings as contextual

Dedicated Support

We are there to back you up a 100%. Our customer support team is with you 24*7 to give you a helping hand

We Valyu You!

We bring in


Personal finance can be hard to understand and complicated. We are here to change that for you by simplifying the process.


Easy access to personal finance for all is our mantra. We aim to create convenience & be inclusive.


For us your wellness matters. Our products aim to be tailored to you specific needs.

Why Valyu

Because we Care

Security is prime

We are a secured channel for financing since we partner with your organisation. Moreover we follow the RBI regulations for all financial practices.

Our Focus is You

Valyu AI is an employee-first product. Our process, products & partnerships are done in your best interest.

Proud Indians

Valyu is a home-grown fintech with a team passionate to solve the deeper economic challenges of our nation’s youth. We strive to do so with compassion, competence & ethics.

Word of Mouth

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Be a Changemaker

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We’re Listening

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